headlightsLike a rabbit
Confronted by headlights
On a lonely country road
Fascinated by the speed
Wondering where you’ve been
And going
Knowing I can’t race this creature
Cruising by my yard
Wondering, if I hitch a ride
Would I want to go as far
Sensing beyond this valley
To sights I want to see
Not knowing if this creature
Wants to ride along with me
Believing I can run beside you
On this lonely country road
Companions for a while
As you pass by my abode


They Marched

passbook65When the men
Had given in
Had given up
Had succumbed

The women of South Africa
The women marched

When the men
Had no more strength
No more fight
For a losing battle

The women of South Africa
The women marched

When the men
Were dispossed
In their own land

The women of South Africa
The women marched

When the men
Weighed down by work
Family seperations
Lost freedom’s meaning

The women of South Africa
The women marched

When the men
Allowed passbooks
To be carried
Restricting movements

The women of South Africa
The women marched

When the men
Locked up in jail
Stalked by police
Had stopped their struggling

The women of South Africa
The women marched

When the women
Wanted freedom
They spoke in one voice
Burnt up their passbooks

The women of South Africa
The women marched


On the 9th of August 1956, about twenty thousand South African women of all races marched to the Union Building in Pretoria to petition the South African government against the carrying of pass books.

Pass books, a major facet of the apartheid era were a form of identity document which prescribed where a person was allowed to travel, in accordance to their place of work and abode. This was a form of racial segregation used by the apartheid government to keep the majority of the population away from the economic hubs.

Initially, only males carried pass books, but when the pass laws were amended to force women to succumb to the humiliation of the daily requests for their “dompass”, accompanied by potential jail time from lack of compliance, the women marched in protest.

The 9th August is now recognized and commemorated as a National Holiday in South Africa.

Image Source: https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/carrying-apartheids-book-1828624

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I Sense You

sense_youI can feel your presence
When you enter the room
I know your smell
Recognize your touch
My head is turned
By the sound of your voice
Your footsteps
I can decipher
From the many
That walk on the pavement
Outside my window
I know you so well
I can almost taste you
I just wish
That I could see you


wattlesI dreamt a dream of wattle trees
Their skinny bodies danced in the wind
Building up their hunger

Weedy hair flowed down their backs
They threw up their arms towards the sky
And smiled mirthlessly

Hugging us
They dug roots deep into the land
And sucked the fat from our bodies

They wanted us to be like them
Accept them
Or die


icon_paintingOne hundred and twenty seconds.
Two minutes.
Is that enough?
Enough time
To reflect on a lifetime
To consider a country
To appreciate a mindset
Is that enough time
To commemorate the strength
Embodied in those weary shoulders
The pain hidden in those squinting eyes
The tears covered by those shining teeth
Smiling out
In reconciliation
Is it enough time
To remember the children
The dreams
The memories
That grew up
On a prison on water
The fast talking lawyer
Who was transformed
Into a slow speaking old man
Who danced in joy
In celebration of unity
Who symbolised hope
A rainbow nation
Infinite possibilities
South Africa’s struggle icon
A moment of silence
For him.


I took a stand
Laid down my arms
To peace

I let go
Lit the match of faith
Over the darkness of fear
Filled my presence with light

Was the first day
Of the other days
The best days
Of my life

Be True

be_trueBe present
In the now
In the fullness
of you

In the flow
of yourself
In the moment
you choose

Live your life
Your choices
For you

Your outcome
Affects you
The most

So be considerate
Be kind
Be gentle
With you

Be loving to you
For only you
Know you
The way you
need to be known
To be grown
In what soil
To be sown

Know which way
You were shown
By your inner guidance
Your counsel
Your compass
Your truth

Your true north
You should follow
Not a hollow life
Not for you
That’s not true

Be true to you
For you
Only you
Only you
Know you