clay_peopleWhat does tomorrow bring
If not today?
Sings to me
Of people
Made of clay
Life breathing
Through their eyes
Some have lost
Their way
Time stretches to both sides
By the blind
For a fleeting
Glimpse, déjà-vu


The People

the_peopleIt’s not death they fear
Nor the unending hate
As the day draws near
For their unforeseen fate

It’s not from bullets and gas
That they run away
For they know they’ll be back
The very next day

It’s not the police forces
That make them go ahead
Not the police with their batons
And bullets of lead

It’s something inside
Something one can’t see
Something known to themselves
But not to you and me

It’s something that is
Their very existence
The only reason why
They have such persistence

It’s for their country that they go forward
And death not fear
For they know that the day
Of freedom is near

Bling Bling

blingTesting, one two, one two
Government tender
Got me more money
To show off with to you

Bling Bling
Ring Ring
Black Berry, MP3, Blue tooth
Gold tooth

The difference between him and I
Are the things we buy
With our nouveau riche-ness
It gets me stressed
That you noticed his gold chain
Before my key chain

What does he know? Gangster rap?
Look at me, BEE
On the up and up

I’ll make your wishes come
When you rub, my corporate tum
Made round, just for you
With help, from beer, whiskey, rum and cognac
I’ll give you everything
If you’ll just scratch my back

I know I’ll succeed
I’ll meet your every need
With my bling bling, ring ring
I’m better than the gangster brother
With his pecs, and six pac
That bandana on his head
Tattoo proclaiming, Tupac ain’t dead

I’ll buy you the house of your dreams
If you co-sign with me
I’ll buy you a luxury car
If your career, is going far
So long as you look smart
I’ll hold you, close to my heart
I’ll even meet your family
If daddy is politically
So stick with me
Bling bling

Capitalism, Got us down
Jones-ism wears the crown
Of our direction
Did I mention
I live in the future , currency of plastic
What did you think?
All this, came from somewhere
So you will, have to foot the bill
For this meal
Till the next contract
Is in the sac
And we can
Bling, bling

BEE = Black Economic Empowerment (Now Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) is an Affirmative Action policy of South Africa, designed to rectify the economic imbalances of the Apartheid past through preferential treatment in the awarding of contracts and government tenders.


youthHello beautiful boy
Handsome man in the making
Tall muscular brown
With white teeth and laughing eyes
I want to step up to you
Let your big hands envelop my behind

I look away and let the mountain sunset outside the window distract my mind
Fearing I might utter my thoughts out loud
Seeing the flicker, the recognition of attraction in your eyes
Fearing that you might just indulge me

What would your mother say?
That’s my saving grace
That question imposed on self
So I smile
And nod
And talk numbers and graphs and charts
Pretending for a minute that the only thing that I want you to put in your mouth is the glass of water I offer you
That mine are the only teeth that my tongue yearns to brush against

The depth of your mind is my undoing
As I envision long walks with meaningful conversation
And think that perhaps, in another time, another life perhaps, we once met
That we knew each other
Well enough to seek each other again
In this life too
Perhaps this moment
Is the meeting we agreed on
Up in the stars
Before we incarnated
On this plane?
But my rules
My self imposed boundaries
Imprison me
I withhold from self
My destiny

Breakfast Run

breakfast_runThe humming stillness of life
Was interrupted
By a single bird
Sounding the alarm
Just before the wall of sound
Hit like a roaring lion
Like a mighty thunder
Like a humming bird
In one vision
One purpose
Changing the vibration
Of the atmosphere
How my heart soared
To hear that sound
As for a single moment
Nature paused
To listen
To observe
The herald of
The dawn
Through Humanity


awakeThe cogwheel keeps turning
As the door is opened
Slowly, slowly
Life outside
A new dawn
From the deep night
That trapped
Yet comforted
In winter warmth
For so long
The dawn has come
And a new song

The Phoenix

I gotta keep on livingthe_phoenix
My soul died and can’t be found
I been looking all around
Disappointed in myself
Couldn’t put the blame
On anyone else
Tried killing myself
But I wouldn’t die
In public, I tried to deny
The breath of life coz it’s a lie
My curse
I just gotta keep on living

Therefore alone
Hurt, to the very bone
Gotta keep on moving
Keep on denying
The need for revenge
Stops me from dying
Build the fire
Burn myself again
Accepting comfort from the pain
Can’t die
I just gotta keep on living

Won’t stand still
I’m born again
And I always will
To a friendless, frustrated, raw wild world
From the ashes
Unto life have I been hurled
To an open wound
That makes me vulnerable
To the ancient love
So strong and terrible
That reined when treachery was rife
Moses hide me in the rushes
Cos I can’t go back to the ashes
They won’t protect me from life
My curse
I just gotta keep on living

The phoenix is a mythical immortal bird that regenerates every thousand years by burning itself. It is a lone bird and the building of the fire through the use of aromatic herbs (subsequently lit to flames by the sun) is a means for it to escape the burdens of the world that it has encountered during the thousand years since its last regeneration.